Find the right grab bar solutions for your home with Stay Home Instead!

Find the right grab bar solutions for your home with Stay Home Instead!

At Stay Home Instead, we pride ourselves on designing mobility remodeling solutions for those who desire to age in place and maintain their independence. No matter the size or layout of your home, Stay Home Instead provides plenty of options to improve the safety of you or your loved one’s living space.

One of the biggest safety factors for seniors is slipping or falling in the bathroom. To help prevent a devastating injury, our team of expert contractors developed special tools and techniques to install bathroom grab bars. At Stay Home Instead, we believe a properly installed grab bar could be the difference between aging in place and moving to an assisted living facility.

With a variety of surfaces for installation including tile, fiberglass, drywall and many more, our team can improve your home’s bathroom safety while complementing its current design.

Bathroom safety is key for seniors wishing to age in place. Call Stay Home Instead today for more information on how to improve your loved one's bathroom!

How can I make my bathroom safer and still age in place?

According to Everyday Health, there are easy adjustments anyone can make to improve safety for a senior. In fact, the third highest suggestion is to install grab bars in all bathrooms. As we age, our balance gets a little shaky and our strength a little weaker, but these factors should not prevent anyone from living an independent life!

With a grab bar installation from Stay Home Instead, you can have peace-of-mind knowing you or your loved one can easily navigate their home safely. To help you make the best decision on grab bars, our team developed a bathroom safety questionnaire. As a bonus, we put together the ‘Top Four Tips for Improving Bathroom Safety for Seniors!’. We hope these tricks of the trade will help keep seniors in their home and allow them to age in place.

If you have any questions, contact Stay Home Instead today!

Bathroom Safety Questionnaire

Is it easy to get in and out of the tub or shower?

If the answer is ‘no’, it is time to consider grab bar installations. One in three people over the age of 65 fall each year in their home. These falls are preventable with a simple grab bar installation. At Stay Home Instead, we offer a wide-variety of grab bars to fit your home and lifestyle needs.

Is it difficult to sit down and get up from the toilet?

The humidity, tile and surfaces make bathrooms dangerous places for seniors who are trying to age in place. By installing a PT Rail or an angled grab bar, standing up and sitting down become easy and safe.

Do you use towel bars, countertops or other objects for support in the bathroom?

If so, you run the risk of slipping when the surface is wet or pulling the towel bar down. At Stay Home instead our team is dedicated to providing safe mobility remodeling solutions for all of our clients as they age in place.

Is your shower chair slip resistant?

Most falls happen on an unstable surface and require proper support to maintain safety. If your shower stool or chair isn’t slip resistant, you run the risk of a devastating fall. With a stainless steel SuperPole installation from Stay Home Instead, you can have the support you need while getting in and out the shower.

Is it difficult to step in or out of your bathtub?

If you are using a towel bar for support while getting in and out of the tub, we beg you to stop! Towel bars are not built to bare the weight of the average person and will buckle under the pressure. When towel bars fall, the results are catastrophic for seniors. With a grab bar installation from Stay Home Instead, our team can make sure you are able to get out of the tub safely. Our grab bars have slip resistant features and are installed at the proper height making them easy to reach.

Are you using the sliding shower door handle for support while bathing?

As we mentioned above, the features installed on the average shower door are not designed to support anyone. Using these features to steady balance will result in a terrible fall. However, a simple grab bar install will improve safety while showering and provide the support seniors need while they age in place.

Top four tips for improving bathroom safety for seniors!

  1. Grab bar installation: Grab bars become a necessity as we age. Don’t wait for a terrible fall to happen, call Stay Home Instead today!
  2. Use a shower chair: Shower chairs allow for rest and safety from slipping in the shower. However, please make sure to install the proper grab bar for support. We suggest the SuperPole, to make standing up and sitting down easy while bathing.
  3. Place non-slip mats in the shower: Falls often happen while seniors are getting in and out of the shower. Non-slip mats or decals are a cheap and effective way to improve the overall safety of the bathroom. Keep in mind, these mats cannot handle all of the work on their own. Proper grab bar installation is necessary for premier safety for aging in place seniors.
  4. Use a raised toilet: Lowering down to the toilet can be difficult as we age. Adding a raised toilet seat reduces the amount of squatting, plus eliminates the added use of strength needed to balance.

As you can see, senior bathroom safety is a priority at Stay Home Instead.  To ensure we meet the needs of all of our clients, we offer a variety of Grab Bars ranging in shape, size, material, color and angle. Stay Home Instead is committed to using the most effective techniques to deliver quality services for every senior desiring to remain independent.

If you or someone you love is in need of our services in Kansas City, St. Louis and the surrounding mid-Missouri areas give us a call today.

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