Age in Place with Stay Home Instead’s Ramps and Handrails!

Age in Place with Stay Home Instead’s Ramps and Handrails!

As we age, our ability to easily climb stairs or step over doorways requires more strength and balance. At Stay Home Instead, we believe installing a custom wood permanent ramp, portable ramp or modular ramp could allow a loved one to live a more independent life outside the home. Our team of expert ramp installers provide simple mobility remodeling solutions to encourage freedom while ensuring safety.  

Your home should always be a safe haven, no matter your age. If you or someone you love has challenges entering and exiting a residence, think about installing a ramp and/or handrail today. At Stay Home Instead we provide a variety of different ramps to meet each client’s specific needs. Do not let a steep stairway or lack of handrails keep you from aging in place, let the expert contractors at Stay Home Instead build a safe ramp for you today.

Stay Home Instead’s Accessibility Ramps for Senior Safety and Mobility

Threshold Ramp

Simple Threshold Ramps are sturdy, inclined surfaces allowing wheelchairs or scooters to get over stairs, thresholds, doorways and more.  Threshold ramps are generally installed  between ¾ – 6 inches tall and are made of aluminum or rubber. These ramps can fit any entryway or doorway. Many portable ramps can be used as threshold ramps and can be easily moved to help access any part of the home and conveniently put away after use.

Modular Ramp

Modular ramps are easy-to-adjust ramp systems constructed using multiple parts, fitting together to form a ramp to fit any home. These ramps are available in different sizes, widths and are made from aluminum and/or steel. No matter the exterior of your home, this option is versatile and easily customized. The multiple parts can be added, removed and built into a variety of different structures to allow easy access for those with any mobility challenges. The flexibility of the Modular Ramp allows it to be a viable option for many customers.

Entire Ramp System

At Stay Home Instead, we also offer the customized construction of an entire ramp system. This system can be installed perfectly to the exterior of any home and safely support all accessibility needs. These ramp systems are complex, so it is important to have a professional evaluate your home to ensure the ramp is properly customized and safely installed. 


The Stay Home Instead  team will make sure you are able to enter and exit your house with ease. Handrails are an essential part to ensuring the stability and utility of ramps. Handrails are a vital component of senior safety and are often used in conjunction with ramps. Plus, handrails lessen the chances of devastating falls and allow seniors to stabilize their navigation.

Let Stay Home Instead secure safety and peace of mind for you or your loved ones today.

Ramp and handrail systems allow seniors to age in place and provide ongoing security. In addition to physical safety, installing fall prevention solutions to a senior’s home allows them to maneuver confidently and feel less restricted as they age. According to the AARP and Comfort Keepers, growing old in-home is increasingly important for seniors’ peace of mind, as it allows them to generate a sense of self-worth, self-being and avoid social isolation.

Allow Stay Home Instead to make your home or a loved one’s home suitable for their lifestyle. Contact us today!

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